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Foto reise til St Petersburg med NORDphotography: Swan Lake at The Hermitage Theatre

Bli med oss på en fantastisk foto reise til St Petersburg i Mars. Vi inviterer 10 fotografer (proffe/ amatører) som får fange unike øyeblikk 'behind the scenes' med St. Petersburg State Ballet. Både i treningslokalet, men og under LIVE fremføringen av Svanesjøen, som skjer på teaterscenen til et av verdens største museum, Vinterpalasset.
Workshopen foregår på Russisk/ Engelsk. Vi har med tolk, og norsk representant fra NORDphotography.
NB - NB: Påmeldingsfrist 4 Februar

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: This is a workshop suited for photographers who are looking to be inspired and create new and exhiting work. As well as get experience in creating captivating stories, using the energy and activity that happens behind the scenes on big productions.

We will shoot in exclusive locations in St Petersburg and in the rehearsal studios with acclaimed performers from the esteemed Russian Ballet Theatre and others.

We have also been given the unique opportunity to photograph at the famous Hermitage Theatre, which is part of the Hermitage Museum, one of the largest art museums in the world. The Hermitage Theatre was built between 1783 and 1787 at the behest of Catherine the Great - read more about its history here.

Our class will be following the preparation of the Russian Ballet Theatre for their March performance of Swan Lake, a fabled fantasy ballet in three acts and four scenes with music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. On March 15TH we will have the unique opportunity to photograph the performance live on stage. Participants will have access to the back stage of the scene, the gallery, and from the audience side. Photographing back stage at The Hermitage Theatre during a live performance by the Russian Ballet Theatre, is a once in a lifetime experience.

Our instructor is acclaimed Russian Photographer Mark Olich, who has worked with the world famous Mariinsky Theatre for nearly fifteen years, and has a close collaboration with theatres, theatre-companies and ballet festivals all over the world.

Mark will prepare the students with detail lectures and demonstration the days leading up to the main performance at The Hermitage Theatre. We will be shooting outside the Hermitage, in one of the old historical Mansions in St Petersburg, on our first day, to plan and prepare the class before stepping into the rehearsal studios and the theatre. Participants will have several opportunities to shoot during the rehearsals. We will spend time assessing our work, addressing technicals issues, and getting feed back on the shoot. Mark will also lecture about the practical side and business side of working on creative productions, copyright issues, safety issues, and different techniques in how to work without interrupting the dancers rehearsal, but still get the images you need. You will be given direct feedback on your work, and suggestions for post productions, pluss preparation for next days shoot.

The workshop wraps with a Final Show at our Hotel with invited guests. Last year representatives from The Russian Ballet Theatre, Yacobson Company, and the Norwegian Consult was present to celebrate with us.

As a courtesy to The Russian Ballet Theatre and The Hermitage Theatre, participant are expected to be generous with the images taken on this workshop, and allow The Russian Ballet Theatre and The Hermitage Theatre access to the best work produced.

One More Day: as a special offer to participants on this workshop, we have the possibilities to spend an extra day of shooting, on location, with models and hair and make up, after the workshop has wrapped. This extra day is not part of the workshop, and there will be no critic of images afterwards or instructor present. The cost of ‘One More Day’ depends on how many participants wants to join this special offer, and how many models participants need. When you register for the workshop please let us know if this is of interest (not binding).

TESTEMONIAL: 'I was totally blown away by the amazing opportunities we got to learn and practice ballet photography during the workshop in St. Petersburg march 2017. During the workshop I captured the key images for my submission for the 'Norwegian Champion of photography 2017', which I finally won' - Håkon Grønning.

Mark Olich, born in Omsk, Russia in 1974, is a Russian photographer whose works are entirely focused on the worlds of theatre and dance. The aim of his work is to show what is happening in the boundary that separates the inside, the backstage, from the outer, public performance. The viewer of his photography can see the difference between ordinary person and onstage hero .Mark has been engaged with photography since 2002. He also studied easel graphics, and etching, and his paintings and drawings are in many private collections both in Russia and Japan.

OUR RUSSIAN ORGANIZER: Art historian Tatiana Yermolayeva is our collaborator in St Petersburg, and will bring her knowledge of the art scene in St Petersburg to our workshop. We will have a translator for this class as Mark does not speak English.

HOTEL: included in the workshop tuition.
Our class will stay at the luxurious Ambassador Hotel in St Petersburg, close to the historical part of the city, which is the largest historical center in the world. From the Hotels top level you get a beautiful view of the city. The hotel has a swimming pool, sauna, gym, and beauty salon. Link to Ambassador Hotel.

Go to our website - link belowe - and hit the registration button, or send an e-mail to post@nordphotography.com

We advice you to read the full workshop description before signing on. Registrations on our workshops are binding.


Welcome to NORDphotography!
Mark olich -
Mark olich

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