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Oslo Diary

Bli med på en intens uke med fotografi og faglig utvikling! Danny Wilcox Frazier og Linda Bournane Engelberth skal holde en workshop i Oslo 10-15 september 2018. Om du vil utvikle et prosjekt og lære mer om hvordan du kan komme et skritt nærmere menneskene du fotograferer, vil dette være noen for deg.
Spend a week getting closer, reaching deeper and taking your photography to new places. Oslo Diary is set in Norway’s capital city, and the metropolis a dramatic setting for you to explore an emotional landscape. The workshop is aimed at teaching professional, semi-professional and advanced amateur photographers a new approach to their work, one rooted in personal connection and emotional content. In this intense, immersive shooting workshop, you will produce an in-depth photographic essay during the week. The thrust of the workshop is to help you bring your unique personal voice to your work and take home a new way of seeing your images and the world of documentary photography.

In this hands-on workshop, Danny Wilcox Frazier and Linda Bournane Engelberth (both members of the world famous agency VII Photo) will guide you through the rigorous steps of research, pre-planning, building relationships, ethical issues, and varied visual approaches. We will also examine how to build different distribution platforms for the work, harness the power of social media, and successfully disseminate documentary work in this complex time of change in the photography business. You are encouraged to bring your unique personal vision to your work, and to deepen their understanding of how you see the world and documentary photography.

Linda Bournane Engelberth - Things Come Apart
Things Come Apart
Linda Bournane Engelberth
Linda Bournane Engelebrth - Things come apart
Things come apart
Linda Bournane Engelebrth
Danny Wilcox Frazier - Midwest
Danny Wilcox Frazier

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